Why Paying Cash for a Classic Car may not be the best Choice

Most buyers today have no idea what types of financing options are available to them. Every “cash buyer” can benefit from using financing to purchase a better quality restoration providing them with a car that will be easier to sell, and worth more money. With collector cars appreciating at an average of more than 9% a year, it is easy to see how financing can become a tool to help you purchase a better quality vehicle and earn a higher return on your investment. Buyers enjoy an easy program that has no proof of income requirements, and no prepayment penalties. You can let our money work for you. With rates as low as 5.45% and an average appreciation of 9.00% a year it doesn’t always make sense to pay with cash.

  • 1929-1997 Classic & Collector Cars, Exotics 2008 & Older!
  • No Pre-Payment penalties for early payoff
  • No Proof of Income required on Tier 1 loans (725+ credit score)
  • Down payment minimum is 10% of purchase price
  • Fast and Easy Financing

Financing is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Fill out the credit application. We will contact you within 30 minutes with a credit decision.

2) You will then be pre-qualified to select a car from our inventory.

3) We make arrangements to put your dream in your driveway.

Sign & Drive Finance Rates

Tier I (725+ credit score)

60mo - 5.45%

61-120mo - 7.2%

Tier II (700-724 credit score)

60mo - 6.99%

61-120mo - 8.75%

Tier III (680-699 credit score)

60mo - 9.75%

61-120mo - 10.75%