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About Us

Vanguard Motor Sales is the nation’s premier American classic and muscle car dealership.  Since 2004, we have parked thousands of dreams in driveways.  We are pioneers in online selling and buying of classic cars, hence the name “Vanguard” Motor Sales.  Vanguard Motor Sales is dedicated to parking your dream in your driveway! 

Why Vanguard?

Our aim is more than making the buying or selling of your dream car as simple as possible.  It's also about peace of mind… both,  before and after the sale.  It’s about the complete experience,  from working with our Vanguard team to enjoying the driving and owning experience for years to come.  We don’t just buy and sell cars,  we help you create memories that you’ll always treasure.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

We have earned and maintained 100% positive feedback on eBay over the last 15 years,  and carry an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Head on over to the Video Testimonial Section of this website and check out hundreds of video testimonials from customers who have chosen Vanguard.  This includes many celebrities,  entertainers and professional athletes who have the means to do business anywhere,  but chose Vanguard.  We provide that same attention and care to ALL of our customers.

We Carry Quality Inventory

We hand pick and own every vehicle in our inventory.  We are not a consignment dealership.  You are dealing directly with the owner of the vehicle,  not a middle man.  We lay our money on the line,  so you can be assured we do our homework.  We are dedicated to ensuring that every car we buy meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.

Don’t see your dream car in our inventory?  If you are searching for a specific car,  let us help!  We look for cars all day,  every day,  and will let you know come across what you’re looking for!  Visit the auto locator page on our website to sign up and be notified when your dream car arrives!

Purchasing and Shipping

You’re browsing through Vanguard’s inventory online and notice YOUR dream car.  It’s the first car you had in high school.  The car you took to the local track and raced your buddies.  Your heart starts racing.  Now what?  Call us immediately,  don’t wait!  Vehicles are sold to the first customer to provide a deposit.

Vanguard Motor Sales has sold classic and muscle cars throughout the United States as well as Canada,  Australia,  the United Kingdom,  Germany,  Sweden,  Norway,  the UAE and many other countries.  We are experts in domestic and overseas shipping and handle all of the details.  Shipping varies by destination,  so please call us for a shipping quote.  You can also pick up your newly purchased vehicle for free at our showroom in Plymouth,  MI.  We ship all of our vehicles in enclosed carriers and fully-insured.

Call Tom today at 248-974-9513

Sell or Trade Your Classic or Muscle Car

Have a car you’re interested in selling or trading?  Our dedicated Buying Team would love the opportunity to make you an offer.  We will conduct the entire process remotely for your convenience and peace of mind.  Just call us at 248-660-4953 or email us at sellyourcar@vanguardmotorsales.com to begin the process.  You can bring the vehicle to our showroom,  or we can start by taking a look at photos and info via email.

We're Here for You!

We are here to make purchasing your dream car as easy as possible.  You can reach us 24 hours a day,  seven days a week,  either by phone 248-974-9513 or by email tom@vanguardmotorsales.com and our sales associates will be glad to help. Whether you have a specific question about a car,  or just want to know more about the buying process or shipping,  we are here for you.

We've built our reputation on selling high quality cars honestly and fairly.  We have up-front,  no haggle pricing!  We hope to see you on our list of satisfied customers soon.  Call Tom today,  and let Vanguard Motor Sales park your dream in your driveway!