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Preparing Your Classic Car For Upholstery

Owning a classic car is not only exhilarating, but it's also a fantastic experience.  Classic cars are famed for combining beauty and speed.  While most of the classic cars enthusiasts would like to make the upholstery customization on their own, redefining classic car upholstery requires skills, experience and specialized tools. For most of the classic cars aficionados, a trip to the upholstery shop is a welcome trip.
Planning is vital, and to help you make the right decisions, we`ve compiled a blueprint on how to prepare for a classic car upholstery.

Air conditioner
Before an upholstery process, ensure that all the heater hoses and A/C lines are in place, working correctly and tested before the whole process begins. The last thing any classic car enthusiast wants is an antifreeze leak on a new carpet.
Also, you should not forget to plumb the water drain tube on your in-dash A/C either. All the A/C ductwork should be bolstered to the main unit and place in the location that the vents will be pulled. 

Seal out weather
Once the installation of the weather seals and bumpers is completed, the hood lid and door handles fit a little differently. To prevent such an experience, have all of them in place, and well functioning (opening and closing) before the cars goes to the upholsterer. This will reduce the unexpected delays and added costs.

Work on your electrical
Before taking your car to the upholsterer, ensure that all the electrical units are fully functional. Most of the upholsterers will not work on a car that has existing electrical conditions. If they must resolve the electrical problem, you can expect the whole upholstery price to spiral upwards drastically.
Save yourself some money by ensuring that the power windows, door poppers, lights, infotainment systems, heaters and wipers are fully operational before making the next move.

Hardware updating
Unless your upholsterer requests otherwise, it`s important to conduct a hardware update on some of the basic features before you take your car for the upholstery. Otherwise, you should expect a several hundred of dollars added to the final invoice sheet.

Looking for beautiful classic hot rods? Look no more, the team at Vanguard Motor Sales can help you find the perfect classic car for you, contact us today!

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