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Letter Testimonials

Jason Click to view email

"Firstly, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU. I received my Mustang and it is more than I ever expected it to be and am overwhelmed by how good the vehicle is inside and out. The car is a massive head turner. I would not hesitate to recommend you. When I collected the vehicle from Ship My Car, they even said that this was one of the best ones that they have brought in which speaks volumes. (It was my error why it was picked up on an open truck. Apparently there was a box that I should have ticked to say that I wanted it to be picked up and kept undercover. I did not see this, but am aware of this for the future). It is always a risk buying something without even seeing it, but your company is obviously heads above others in being true to what you advertise and professional in how you sell. Your support and guidance was also invaluable. This is a true reflection on your company and staff. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FROM A VERY HAPPY CLIENT."

Xavier Click to view email

"Great day today! The bird is in its new home =-) WHAT A BIRD!!! More beautiful than I we say in French : "GENIAL." Thanks again for what you've done. As soon as I have a sunny day, I'll send you a picture!! I wish you a very good day. Very best regards."

Robert Click to view email

"Just wanted to let you know that Neal and the guys in the shop did a great job on the car. I also wanted to tell you how much it means to me and my family. You went above and beyond what another dealer would have done to make us happy with our muscle car investment. I will buy from you again and tell all my friends to buy a car from you. In closing, I just want to say thanks to everyone at Vanguard. From Rob in Ohio, a customer for life."

Laurie & Don Click to view email

"Our car is beautiful and I can not wait to go for a ride in it! Its so shiny and absolutely perfect! Thank you for your help and having this car. Thank you for the t-shirts as well! I will send a picture of us with the car in the future!"

Derrick Click to view email

"Just wanted to let you know I received my truck yesterday. It's AWESOME! You and Dimo were great to work with and I really appreciate the seamless experience throughout the entire process. I was telling one of my friends that it was like shopping on Amazon. That easy. Thanks for everything and I look forward to buying my next one from you guys."

Peter Click to view email

"I can't thank you and your team enough for the service you provided in helping with my purchase of this beautiful 1966 Mustang Fastback. It was a pleasure working with Tracy, Dimo and Tom. You run a first class operation!"

Lynn & Larry Click to view email

"Just wanted to let you know that the car you sold us April 2014 has been selected to be in the Chrysler display at Woodward Ave and 13 Mile RD for the Dream Cruise"

Michael Click to view letter (Word)

“My Road Runner arrived yesterday and now is parked in my drive way (actually under a cover in my garage).. Want to say how happy I am to have the car home and how impressed I am with the car and the people at Vanguard.. This car is more than a dream to me, since I had one of these in 1969 new, its more a lifetime achievement award.. Finding these type of cars (not projects) is difficult and time consuming. Finally taking the time to visit your dealership was a once in a lifetime choice for me. Having Greg walk up and ask what car I came to look at just as I walked in, to Neal giving me my Vanguard T-shirt and Tracy taking care of all the details was unique.. Such a relaxed experience and I truly felt like I was dealing with real “ car guys “..Neal I can’t tell you how relaxed you made me feel when you explained the car and its features to me, when the car shipped I knew it would be in great shape when it arrived because you seemed so sincere the numerous times we talked about the car.. I understand there are many people behind the scenes who worked on this car, cleaned it and made it ready, to all of you I give you my warmest thanks.. This car will continue to be well cared for and never sold.. Greg, you had a cell phone picture of you, Neal and I standing in the middle of the shop (selling Mopars) while I was there and I’d like to have it sent to me if you still have it,  it was taken from the overhead camera system and really added to my experience. Where else can you go and be so relaxed and feel the sincere, personal touch? Sorry I didn’t get to meet everyone there, but from the few I did meet you all made it feel personal to me.. While these cars are investments to many its more than that to me.. I’ll visit again to say hello and thank you in person.. This car is a big deal to me, more than car shows, or cruise in’s, this car is full of memories and pride in America. American iron and true muscle. The way it should be. I can never explain how it feels to just look at this car, hear it rumble or drive it. All I can say is thanks. This is very personal to me and I can’t believe I have it home.”

Charles Click to view letter (PDF)

"Tom, Tracy and everyone at Vanguard Motor Sales, thank you so much for finding us this 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, she's a beautiful example of an Iconic American Muscle Car.  I have to say that she is even more beautiful in person than in the photos..."

Kevin Click to view letter (PDF)

"Thanks for the car and the fast shipping.  The shipping was great just like your group of folks.  The video (2) is on the memory stick.  I really enjoyed doing business with you and you have a 1st class operation."

Bill Click to view letter (PDF)

"Hi Tom, just returned form my first car show and won First in Class and First in Show."

Ed Gilbrech Click to view letter (PDF)

"Thank you Tom, I checked with my daughter and she has the title.  I want to say one thing to you Tom and that is: I have bought a lot of cars from people over the years and I want you to know that the way you communicated with me thoughout our whole transaction and follow up communications with me has been outstanding, you're a true professional!!  I would buy a car from you again anytime.  Thanks Tom."

Tony Johnson Click to view letter (PDF)

"Hi Tom,  Well the road runner has finally arrived and its fantastic, it is sitting in my garage as we speak.  I will send you a bigger email soon I just need to go back down stairs to look at it again.....   Thanks again, you have made another dream come true.  Have a great day."

Moses Click to view letter (PDF)

"Thank you for emailing my report regarding your Classic Car Buying Secrets!  At first glance it looks very informative, I look forward to your secrets!  If you got a minute or two I'd like to say.  I have viewed many websites including yours dozen of times involving the "selling" of cars.  Many are displayed by photo and/or video.  Tom, I find your video footage and your "presentation" exemplary as it distinctly stands out among the others mainly for your attitude, your greeting and setting of cars.  In these troubled tomes, people need to feel welcome and "at home" so to speak.  As if they are in thier own domain, their garage.  Your "presentation" welcomes people, they learn more of the subject at hand, they learn through you how each and every vehicle looks and should look.  Yes, all your cars look awesome.  One of the best selling features you do is unveiling the car to the viewer with the walk around allowing he/she to admire the car's lines and features. You start each vehicle while giving the viewer's ears the sound of beauty.  You drive each one down the street while you are in it allowing the viewer to witness practically hands-on how each one sounds in the interior, in case they need to talk on the phone or conduct conversation with passengers.  On top of that you show the viewer how good the car looks as you pass on by.  Anyone can make a video to sell a car, you put the viewer next to the cqar, in the car and creates that welcome thats us viewers need when pursuing to purchase our dream. As you say... We want to put your dream in your garage. Had I not found what I was looking for, I would have made a trip to your dealer.  I recently purchased from a friend an original 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that had been sitting inside a climate controlled California dealership for 31 years after being traded in by original owner.  I have done some necessary mechanical repairs such as gaskets, seals, brakes, tires, fornt end, suspension, much more, ect.  Body, interior, pans, underneath, ect are all in remarkable original untouched shaped.  Anyhow Tom, keep up with your great work and I hope you have more sales!  Thanks for your time."

Sean Click to view letter (PDF)

"Wow! She's even more beautiful than I thought.  Thanks so much.  Looking forward to driving her in two months. Perfect."

Henry Click to view letter (PDF)

"Hey Tom, I will say, many thanks for the '53 Chrysler.  I will send you the picture from when I left your shop.  I am back in germany and the car has arrived.  It runs good.  What a wonderful trip.  So I say, many thanks for this big deal.  I will tell my friends."

Mary Click to view letter (PDF)

"I'm sorry it's taken so long to get a picture to you but it's been crazy around here.  We were able to make one car show this year and there were 232 cars entered.  They gave awards for the top 50cars and we ended up winning one.  The picture I sent has Scott holding our award.  Thanks agian for the car, I have an extremely happy husband.  Have a great holiday season."