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Winter Maintenance Tips For Classic & Vintage Cars

Anyone who has a classic or vintage car knows that winter maintenance is essential to keeping the car in working order. Classic cars need more care than newer cars, and this is especially true of winter maintenance. There are several important preventative measures that you should take before you store your car away for the coldest months of the year.

Winter Maintenance Tip #1: Clean the Car Thoroughly

Before you store the car, be sure to wash it carefully. You don't want dirt or grime to set in the paint because it will become very hard to remove. You especially don't want any bird excrement left on the car, is it is very corrosive and will eat away at the paint.

Winter Maintenance Tip #2: Waxing

It's a good idea to wax the car after you've washed it, but before you put it in your garage. This will protect the paint during the winter. This may sound unnecessary considering the car is going to be in storage, but moisture and residue sometimes accumulates on the car anyway, so it is wise to take precautions.

Winter Maintenance Tip #3: Choose Your Storage Place Carefully

As you might imagine, the place where you'll store your car for the next several months is very important. If possible, it should be climate-controlled and kept at 60 degrees or warmer. You also want to make sure that there aren't any leaks in the roof and that no sunlight is hitting the car.

After Winter's Over

This may seem like a pain. However, your classic or vintage car will be in better shape for longer if you follow these instructions. It'll be worth it in the end.

For more information on classic cars maintenance tips, contact the experts at Vanguard Motor Sales today! 

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